Loft Conversions Cost – Instant Quotes

Loft conversions costs can vary on your location, company you chose to carry out the process and many other factors. Due to this you may come across different kinds of prices and it can be hard to find an exact cost.

However, a basic idea about the expenses and types of conversions you can get can be found through this guide. The biggest factor in prices are no doubt your location as they can vary greatly in different locations of the UK.

Every loft is unique therefore quotes which are obtained from service providers can vary a lot from each other as well.


Loft Conversion Costs Can Vary (Quite a bit)

Based on several different service providers within United Kingdom, loft conversions cost 2016these average loft conversions costs and quotes have been made. If you are getting a loft conversion in London or the outskirts of London then it may cost more than other locations as we found this to be the dearest place for these projects. (and many other projects)

Some of the cheapest locations for loft conversions we found were in the north of the UK. If you are looking for prices in the south, Midlands and south west, you may have to pay up to £ 31,000 (can be more or less) with a relatively large company.


Factors that are included in the Loft Conversions cost

The Fees of the structural engineer, architect, building control and planning permission are included within the loft conversions cost. In addition, you may be paying for scaffold hire, steel joists, timber, skirting, decoration, painting, insulation of walls, staircase, floor tiling, plumbing, heating and dormer construction. 

On top of the service itself and materials used by the company providing the conversion you also have to keep in mine the workers salary and time etc.


What can be done with a tight budget?

For a homeowner that have a tight budget with the project, these tips can be helpful to reduce the cost they have with having a loft conversions done. The amount of profit can be maximised in the process as well by reducing the cost.

Most of the money is generally saved for the construction of bathrooms and dormers in addition to shower units within the conversions. Therefore if these are not essential for your conversions by eliminating them from the process, you can save a lot of money and time. 

It is possible to deal with decoration and painting work by yourselves as this is the easiest part of the process. Flooring can be done on your own at the same time. Height of the roof can be reduced to keep the budget within the limit also.

Due to increase in the height of the loft, you may have to offer more money for the planning permission. It is always important to remember some times the loft conversion you want cannot always be done on every possible occasion.


Do you think loft conversion cost effective?

To know if a loft conversions will be cost effective or not for you, you really have to think about all the different factors which are involved and why are you are getting one done.

  • Are you having a loft conversion to increase your house value?
  • Do you need your loft converted right now? Can you save more money and get it done in a  year or two?
  • Have you shopped around for cheapest quote?

Depending on the reason behind getting your loft converted the cost of the project may not matter to you. 


Types of Loft Conversions You can get (Cost Differences)

There are four different types of loft conversions which are the most popular. Different types of lofts are basically made for the same purpose. Each type of conversions can vary from being very similar or extremely different depending on the designs. The most common different in choosing the right conversions comes down to the loft conversions costs of each version. Also the Preference of the homeowner as to how much space they need is another important factor.



Upright walls are generally constructed from the base towards the roof in a sloping manner. Following to the vertical roof, construction of flat roof may be adjusted also to create a connection between the two walls. In this way, adequate amount of head room space can be offered. There is no doubt in the fact that it is one of the commons forms of loft renovation. Hipped roof or gable front may be noticed also. Requirement of planning permission may not be felt in the process.

Due to dormer built through the loft conversion, the house may look quite attractive from the outside. Another great look with this conversions can be obtained with the common hipped roof and gable front.

However, it may not offer the most amount of internal space room. The cost of dormer construction can be enhanced during the process also. Dormer loft conversion can be divided in two parts. They are known as a shed dormer and flat roof dormer.


Hip to Gable

The Hip to Gable is another common type of loft conversions with comes with lower conversions costs than some others.

Relatively limited space is generally transformed with hipped roof through hip to gable loft conversion. Hip side is generally made flat gable at the end. For this kind of construction, you will need planning permission. Additional amount of space can be utilised as living room or office area. The design is just perfect and most commonly used for chalet, bungalow and semi-detached properties.



The rear part of the property is generally converted with this type of conversion. Presence of flat roof can be observed in the process along with a back slope. Angle of the slope can be about 72 degrees. Through mansard loft conversion, structure of the property can be altered and changed to the customer’s needs completely.

In order to build this kind of construction, you may need to prepare for higher costs and ensure you leave a higher budget as extra amount of construction work is required in this process.  

This type of loft conversions is suited for terraced housing and in urban areas. It is generally considered common a design. Sometimes planning permission is needed. (Not always)



Similar to the conversion of roof lights, things can be managed with the Velux loft conversion. This is the most cost effective type of loft conversion. Planning permission is also not required. A velux conversions also requires much less off a budget as not a lot of changes will be made to the roof which is where a lot of the cost comes into play. It is a type of conversion that can be amalgamated with the dormer and mansard quite easily. It is common for the windows in this type of conversions to be inserted in an angle type shape in the ceiling and walls.